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How can I be sure there are no broken pipes?

Our drain cameras can locate damages from trees roots, blockages and other obstructions.

Drainage defects and blockages are one of the most common causes of damp, mould and house movement problems.

An independent drainage report will provide you with a detailed and comprehensive investigation into the condition of your sewer, stormwater and aggie drains. The report includes information about plumbing defects and any non compliance with plumbing standards that affects your drains.

All drains are thoroughly inspected and reports contain clear colour photos and commentary on each individual defect, providing an invaluable record and tool to use for future requests for repair quotations and dispute resolution or mediation.

We use the latest closed circuit television (CCTV) inspection technology to view at the condition of the underground drainage pipes, junctions and bends.

The CCTV inspection allows us to identify and photograph root intrusions, broken or cracked pipes, obstructions, if the drain is holding water(poorly laid) and any other abnormalities or defects. A map of existing underground drainage can be created including the depth of the drains and all problem locations identified at surface level reducing the need for unnecessary digging and mess. All this information is provided to you in a detailed report that can outline recommendations for effective repairs.

The capability of our CCTV inspection cameras is excellent for visual inspection of underground drainage however often additional specialist leak testing of drains is required to confirm defects and leak points. To view details of all our specialist leak testing capabilities please see our specialist leak testing page

Independent Plumbing Inspections performs CCTV inspections on new or existing buildings.
Many of our customers are shocked at the number and severity of drainage problems an independent drainage inspection and report identifies before hand over and final payment for their brand new home.

An Independent drainage report performed prior to purchasing an existing property can provide a clear understanding of the condition of the properties drainage before you make the decision to invest and is often a valuable negotiation tool for both buyers and sellers alike.

What is the need for a Drainage Camera?

Closed circuit Television (CCTV) inspection enables a comprehensive look at the condition of the pipes, junctions and bends.

The inspection can allow us to see and photograph tree root intrusions, broken or cracked pipes, if the drain is holding water or other abnormalities, using this information we can supply a detailed report.

The drain camera inspection can be used to detect the following:

  • condition of pipes, junctions and bends
  • tree root damage
  • obstructions in the pipes
  • Poorly laid drains
  • broken pipes
  • mapping your existing pipes

Independent Plumbing Inspections perform CCTV inspections on new or existing buildings.
With the very latest equipment we are able to provide CCTV footage and photo’s, as well as detailed report on our findings which can be used for insurance and warranty purposes or added to an inspection report tailored to your requirements.

CCTV inspections can also assist in avoiding future problems as they can spot issues before they develop into something more serious. It’s also a good idea before purchasing a property or through the building process to thoroughly check the condition of the drains before you make the decision to invest.

Often additional testing is required after visual defects in drains have been identified by cctv or in circumstances where cctv is not suitable to locate issues.

Confirmation of suspected defects or leaks can be achieved by carrying out specific testing such as a static pressure tests using either water, air or smoke to confirm suspected defects identified in the drain.

Structural engineers, builders and lawyers often require these types of tests to be carried out when trying to identify the cause of movement of a structure or the cause a drain failing.

drainage camera in action
Drain pressure testing

Static pressure tests performed on sewer and stormwater drains are conducted to ensure they are water tight or to detect leaks. Undetected leaking drains below ground have the potential to and are often the cause of cracking and movement in houses.

Two types of pressure testing of drains can be conducted depending on the circumstances required. A static pressure test using air or water is conducted by plugging off the drain with either inflatable or mechanical plugs and filling the drain with water or air to put pressure on all of the joins. If the water level in the drain or pressure gauge drops it indicates there is a leak.

Different sections of the drain can be tested to try and pinpoint the exact location of suspected leaks, depending on the drains construction and accessibly. Often coloured dyes are added to the water used to test the drains to ensure the visibility of any water escaping the drain, this also shows the leaks very clearly in the photos we include on our reports.

Drain Smoke testing

Smoke testing a drain is a great way to identify open drain ends where sewer smells could escape from. Open ends or sections of the drain that haven’t been joined correctly can emit sewer gases which are particularly unpleasant and notoriously hard to find. Smoke testing of the drains can easily detect this problem and often reduces the investigation time and costs. Smoke testing is very effective for locating defects in houses where plaster walls cover many pipes and fittings.

How does the drain camera work?

The CCTV cameras go down into the pipes to conduct drain inspections and can show us exactly what’s going on meters under the ground.

Drain camera technology is exceptional, with clear colour images that allow us to easily identify damage in the pipes, and also issues that could become damage later.

We record the pipe camera’s footage straight onto a usb, so we can show our you exactly where the drainage problems are.

Location accuracy

The cameras we use have built in sondes; these are locator devices used in underground surveying. This means we can locate the approximate position of the camera in the drainage system. The huge advantage of this is that we know where the blockage or damage is in the pipeline or can even just survey the current pipe system so it can be mapped. The locator sends radio waves up and down to the sonde to locate where it is in the pipe. Depending on the grounds condition and surrounds, the accuracy of the pipes location can be affected.

A drain camera is a perfect way to detect a drainage issue

With our video camera inspections, you can be sure your drain issue will not only be located, it will be correctly diagnosed, enabling repairs to be performed quickly. You also gain the peace of mind of seeing the issue inside your drain for yourself and we can even supply a copy of the inspection which you can keep for future reference or can inspect later.

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