Detailed forensic plumbing investigations and expert reports

What type of Report do I get?

All reports are tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

ndependent Plumbing Inspections is a completely independent specialist plumbing investigating and reporting company

We service insurance companies, lawyers, builders, architects, property managers, property owners, structural engineers, property buyers and investors. Our expert reports comply with VCAT and VBA requirements.

We provide expert plumbing reports that are tailored to your individual requirements and can be used in dispute resolution and lodged with the VBA, DBDRV, VCAT or used in legal proceedings

Our plumbing inspections comprise of forensic investigations to identify plumbing defects. We use state of the art, non-invasive detection technology which enables us to target the exact cause of the plumbing problems.

We provide comprehensive, independent reports detailing all plumbing issues. Our reports include photographs of all items inspected.

Every report is tailored to your specific needs and requirements and can target one or many plumbing problems or areas of concern.

Some examples of the issues we investigate and report on include non-compliant plumbing works on new buildings and renovations, bathroom leaks, roof leaks, drainage problems, balconies, water leaks and gas safety concerns.

Popular reports include independent plumbing reports for dispute resolution and submission to VBA, DBDRV, VCAT, compliance inspections for roofing and drains, pre-plaster, pre-handover and pre purchase inspections. Our reports provide peace of mind and reassurance that all plumbing work complies with the current standards and enable rectification of any defects.

Do you need expert Reports and Advice?

Expert reports are of value to lawyers, builders, architects, owners corporations, building managers, managers & owners of residential, commercial and industrial property.

Our advice is independent and comes from a plumbing expert with extensive hands on plumbing experience.

We have extensive experience preparing expert reports for both large complex plumbing problems in multi level apartment buildings, unit complexes and smaller stand alone homes of all sizes and we regularly prepare reports that are submitted to the VBA, DBDRV, VCAT and as evidence in court proceedings.

All reports are detailed and customised to individual requirements and can include:

  • A break down of Australian Standards where required, including relevant practice notes.
  • Detailed analysis of the investigation or inspections carried out
  • Cost estimates to repair incomplete & defective plumbing work.
  • Investigation of all types of plumbing from roofing, gas pipes, water pipes to below ground drainage concerns

Expert reports can be used to help resolve disputes between home owners and builders where there has been a break down in communications regarding rectification work.

We can offer assistance with consultation, mediation and dispute resolution and if required attend site meetings or conferences.

We are experienced as an expert witness, including attending VCAT hearings in plumbing, roofing & drainage issues.

Our expert reports are:

  • VCAT, VBA, DBDRV and court compliant
  • Easy to read and understand
  • Detailed with photos and diagrams
  • From a licensed plumber with over 25 years practical experience
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