Roof Inspections & Reports

Our comprehensive reports can be used for insurance or warranty claim purposes.

Comprehensive Roof Inspections and Reports

An independent roof inspection and report will provide you with a detailed and comprehensive investigation into the condition of your roof, including detailed information about plumbing defects your roof may contain and compliance with the Australian standards.

All roofs are thoroughly inspected and reports contain detailed photos and commentary on each individual defect, providing an invaluable record and tool to use for future requests to trades for work quotations, dispute resolution or mediation.

Leak detection and forensic roof inspections are our specialty, we use the latest innovative technology to identify and establish the source and reasons for water ingress and recommendations for effective repair. With over 25 years investigating water ingress problems Independent Plumbing Inspections have the expert experience and knowledge to locate and resolve your water ingress problems.

Our comprehensive reports can be used for insurance or warranty claim purposes, for reports in relation to matters concerning VBA, VCAT or legal proceedings please see our specialist expert report page 

We inspect many new roofs and roof repairs to provide owners with a comprehensive account of the roofs condition and any additional work required to ensure roofs are complete and compliant prior final payments to contractors.

All roof works must comply with the current Australian Standards and manufactures installation instructions. Roofs that contain non compliant workmanship are a common source of water leaks often resulting in building damage caused by leaking and poorly functioning roofing. Failure to comply with the manufactures installation instructions has the potential to void the roofing materials manufacturers warranties.

Many insurance companies will inspect roofs for compliance and workmanship as part of assessing any roof or water ingress related claims. Often insurance policies require the roof to be compliant in order for claims to be paid out, having a claim denied due to non compliant roofing is expensive and disappointing.

Independent Plumbing Inspections are meticulous about safety when inspecting roofs and use safety harnesses and temporary roof anchors when required to ensure roofs are inspected in a safe and compliant method. Where safe access is not available or there are height restraints the latest technology enables us to safely inspect roofs by remote methods including telescopic cameras and drones.

Drone Roof Inspections

Complex roof designs, unreachable heights, steep roof pitches or poor access points make some roofs particularly difficult to inspect because gaining access and walking on them is impracticable.

In these situations the use of Drones allow us to view the condition of the roof. In many instances the quality of the camera and photos from our drones can provide us with a clear understanding of the issues and possible rectification works required.

Not all drone roof inspections remove the need to physically inspect the roof but they can provide a clearer understanding of the roof geography and defect locations, this enables the formulation of alternative roof access solutions for subsequent more detailed inspections.
Independent Plumbing Inspections are fully licensed and certified by CASA to fly drones.

Safety is our highest priority and we invest heavily in ongoing training to ensure every flight is carried out with the correct approvals, processes and documentation in place.

Please note: not all roofs or locations are suitable for inspection with a drone due to the rules and regulations we must adhere to. In some cases it may take several weeks to gain approval to allow us to fly over your roof.

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