Our plumbing inspection prices are very competitive

Independent Plumbing Inspections has a range of packages available. From the individual services to a full package or we can tailor suit an inspection for you call or email to discuss your requirements

How much will a Plumbing Inspection or Report Cost?

We have different packages available or we can tailor a report package to suit your needs.

gas safety inspections

Gas Safety Check and Carbon Monoxide test

A gas safety check is done to advise clients of potential problems that exist and could arise.

Independent Plumbing Inspections test for:

  • CO emissions, gas leaks and safe operation
  • Operational efficiency, risk of future problems
  • Correct installation* & compliance
  • Pressure Test gas lines & check for leaks

*Fully Detailed report included
* Price for 1 Domestic Dwelling
* Boarding house POA


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drainage inspections and reports

Drainage Inspection and Report

Our drain cameras can detect blockages, root damage from trees, obstructions and plot your drains so you know where they are located.

The drain camera inspection can be used to detect the following:

  • condition of pipes, junctions and bends
  • tree root damage
  • obstructions in the pipes
  • broken pipes

* Price for Residential block
* Includes written report
* Either sewer or stormwater drains additional fee for both

Starting from


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pre handover inspections

Pre Plaster Pre Handover Inspections

A pre plaster or pre handover inspection gives you peace of mind that all of the plumbing has been installed correctly, reducing the risk of costly repairs in the future.

All defects can be rectified before plaster or final payment

Other inspections that can be added to the pre handover or plaster are

  • CCTV of the sewer drains
  • CCTV of the stormwater drains
  • Thermal imaging

* Price for Residential house
​* Price from $880 single story dwelling


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pre purchase inspections

Pre Purchase Plumbing Inspection

There is no need to go elsewhere to obtain a pre purchase plumbing inspection, we can perform it for you and also can include a building inspection at the same time. [added cost]

Standard pre purchase building inspections do not include any checks on plumbing. Plumbing problems like leaking showers or broken ageing drainage can be some of the most costly repairs home owners can encounter, can you afford to take that risk

*Single story dwelling


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